Teriyaki Tofu

Tofu, bean curd, is known as a great vegan food with excellent protein content. You can find them easily at local market these days. It has very subtle flavor so it can be added to a lot of your go-to recipes or use it as a meat substitute. Want a quick healthy snack? Just open a package and add a dash of soy sauce and eat as hiyayakko, chilled tofu. Add grated ginger or wasabi, and toppings such as bonito flake, minced scallion, and nori strips, then it’s upgraded to a very good looking side dish.

Here’s an easy and quick recipe for Teriyaki Tofu, with mushroom topping. I don’t marinate the tofu since it gets burnt easily. If you decided to marinate, make sure to wipe off liquid before cooking. I recommend using firm or extra firm tofu for stirfry or teriyaki, and soft or silken tofu for hiyayakko.


Serves 1-2

  • Tofu 1 package
  • Mushroom of your choice 1 cup
  • Soy Sauce 1 tbsp
  • Sake 1 tbsp (can be substituted with water)
  • Agave or sugar 2 tsp
  • Extra virgin olive oil 2 tbsp


  1. Slice tofu in half and remove water by palcing them in between paper towel for about 10 minutes. Press it with hand gently to squeeze water out.
  2. Heat up non-stick frying pan in medium heat. Add oil and place tofu gently in the pan.
  3. Cook until it becomes golden on both side, about 5 min. per side.
  4. While tofu is cooking, prepare teriyaki sauce and mushrooms. Mix soy sauce, sake, and agave in a small bowl. Slice mushrooms thin. If you use maitake (cut off the bottom part first) or shimeji, tore them by hand.
  5. Once tofu become golden on both side, spread teriyaki sauce on both side, one or two tea spoon per side per piece. Cook for a coupe of minutes until the edges gets crispy.
  6. Take tofu out and keep it warm. Add additional oil if needed, then add mushrooms in the same pan.
  7. Add remaining teriyaki sauce mix after mushrooms become limp and flavorful.
  8. Cut tofu into bite sizes and place on a plate and add mushrooms on top.
    Teriyaki Tofu with Mushroom


  • You can add additional aromatics such as ginger, garlic, or lemongrass. Cook in the pan and simmer in low heat, take out before adding tofu to prevent from burning. Or grate or mince them and add in the teriyaki sauce.
  • Be patient and try not to flip tofu too many times. Tofu is delicate and can be broken easily.
  • Place on top of bowl of warm rice, and you have a teriyaki tofu bowl! Heat up extra sauce (boil once) and pour over.