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I have moved 6 times in last 20 years of living in NYC. And every time I move, the highlight of the new apartment was always the kitchen. Some were great, and some were not so. No matter what the size of the kitchen, I’ve always cooked a lot and invited people over often.

My husband and I recently moved from a studio apartment with a tiny kitchen in the corner, (or may be it’s more accurate to say we were living in a large kitchen), to a new apartment that has “grown-up” size kitchen. It has many cabinets, enough counter top space, a good size stove, and a sink that can fit 2 large pans and a whole cutting board. One thing that doesn’t change no matter where I move is that a kitchen is always warm, fun, and exciting space for me.

People who’s close to me know that I’m always thinking about food. I talk about dinner when I’m eating breakfast, and lunch is the most exciting event during work hour. I love cooking, and I praise myself almost every time I cook. “Oh, it looks so yummy! Came out nice! Genius!” –I practically say this every morning after I make an omelette for my husband. So, I would like you to join me and feel the happiness food and cooking can bring.

If you love Japanese food and Izakaya menu, you came to the right place. Although it’s nice eating out or order in, I’d like you to know that many items on the menu are easy enough to make at home. Most of my recipes are very simple–some of them are so simple that you may not find in any cook books. And you can make them in any size kitchen. Let’s start cooking!

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Gyoza is a very popular dish in Japan, mainly as one of the best companions to beer and/or ramen. If you have ramen, you almost have to have gyoza and beer. But gyoza can shine as an independent dish, especially ...

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