Shiso Maki Tamago: Shiso Omelet

Tamagoyaki is the Japanese name for omelet, typically made by rolling the layer of egg mix as you cook. Probably you have seem thick and fluffy tamagoyaiki on nigiri-sushi. It takes some practice to make beautiful tamagoyaki seasoned with umami-packed dashi broth, and there is a special rectangular pan to make it in perfect shape, but you can casually make it with regular round frying pan as well.

Lightly seasoned with with soy sauce and hint of sugar, it will be a perfect breakfast dish with rice and miso soup. You can add Katsuobushi (bonito flake) or Daikon Oroshi (grated daikon) as topping and add a dash of soy sauce.

Same as western style omelet, you can mix any ingredients of your choice. Here I’d like to show you how to make tamagoyaki with fresh green shiso. Bright green shiso adds color and appetizing flavor.


  • Eggs 3 large
  • Green shiso leaves 2
  • Soy sauce 1 tsp
  • Agave or sugar 1/2 tsp


  1. Open eggs into a bowl and whisk gently by breaking up the egg white.
  2. Roll up the leaves of shiso, then slice it thinly.
  3. Add soy sauce and agave in eggs. If you like (or have it handy) add 1 tbsp of dashi broth. Add shiso leaves.
  4. Heat up non-stick frying pan in medium heat. When its warm, add about 1/3 of egg mix. When the bottom started to get hard, start rolling from one edge. At first fold, you don’t have worry about clean fold.
  5. Put it on one side of the pan, then add a little more egg, then roll before the newly added egg is completely cooked.
    Shiso Maki Tamago 01
  6. Repeat this until use up all egg mix. Reduce heat and cook through the tamagoyaki.
    Shiso Maki Tamago 02