Miso: Fermented Soy Bean Paste

When someone says miso, miso soup is the first thing comes to my mind. I grew up eating miso soup every morning. The sound of cutting scallions and the smell of warm broth and miso greeted my sleepy face. Items goes in the miso soup changed everyday, but I remember tofu and wakame seaweed made their appearances regularly. And some seasonal vegetables.

Miso used to be made in each household in Japan and the recipe was handed down generations. There is a phrase “temae miso” (miso made by yourself or your family), it’s used when you praise yourself or your family. The origin of it was that people used to show off their well made miso proudly to each other. I can totally relate to the urge to show off something you made so well.

Miso Soup with Tofu and Veggies

Now miso is something that we buy from a store. I know a few people who’s lucky enough to make their own. People’s taste for it changes depending on which region they are from: sweet, salty, pale, dark, there are so many different styles and some of them are so unique. People often like what they grew up with and identity themselves with it.

If you have a store that sells miso near you, please try some different types and find what you like. And try the recipes we have here!

Miso Soup with Tofu and Veggies

Pepper and Ground Beef Miso Stirfry

Miso Mayo Dip